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Matthew Dillaway
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
I can finally sleep again!

All i can say is WOW. I loved these glasses the second i put them on. I could immediately feel the relaxing feeling in my eyes. I currently wear blue tint glasses while i work and play games on my computers all day. They do help, but as soon as I switch to my Ocusleep OS-1 I can really feel the difference in relaxation that they provide. I actually take medication to help me sleep and I can confidently say after using my new glasses I have not had the need for the medication anymore! I truly am grateful to have the opportunity to be able to try these as they have changed my life. Thank you!

Monique Brown
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
My glasses make me feel very relaxed

I love my new sleep glasses. When I wear them at night, I began to feel very relaxed and I am able to get a good nights sleep. Glad I am able to add these glasses to my bedtime routine.

Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Sleep Glasses that work!

I received this product as part of a free sample program. I had the opportunity to try the OcuSleep OS-2 medium glasses. I wanted to try these glasses because on many occasions, I have trouble falling asleep after using computer, TV, tablet, and phone screens around bedtime. It becomes a vicious cycle of screens keeping me awake at night and continuing to use these screened devices because I can’t fall asleep. I have never tried a product of this kind. First, I want to say I was very pleased with how the company made them specifically to my own eye prescription. They were perfectly matched to my prescription had no issues seeing with them on. They do give everything a yellowish hue but after a few minutes you don’t notice it. I would put them on 2 hours before I slept and would do everything I would normally do with them on. I even had no issues driving in the evening with them on. They fit comfortable and secure. I wish I could have tried on the smaller size because I am not sure if the medium fits my facial type well. As far as it helping me sleep, they seem to help pretty well. After a week, I found myself nodding off to sleep on the couch before bed which I used to never do in the past. Additionally, after two weeks of wearing them, I decided to try not wearing them again and found myself staying up much later than before. I feel like I would definitely buy this product in the future and would recommend it to family and friends who really struggle with falling asleep at night.

Scott Manfield
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
I love this product

I have used this product for several weeks now and only have good things to say about it. The glasses are comfortable to wear at night, even for long duration with the only caveat being that these glasses turn all blue light green so it takes a little getting used to.

WIthin the first 3 days I noticed that I started falling asleep much earlier prior to using the glasses. Normally I would get in bed and either watch two or more hours of TV, or played on my phone for that amount of time. Since using the Ocusleep glasses I am going lights out within 15 to 30 minutes. This now gives me at least 8 hours of sleep every night vs 6 or less that I was getting before. Also, I do feel more refreshed in the morning when I wake up.

I would recommend this product to anyone who has difficulty getting to sleep at night.

alma Brand
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Good Night Sleep

first of all gettin use to wearing these frame was a big step in wearing these period!my frame was custom fit for my face and these was pick that was the feeling about would i Like them well after a couple of Days i got use to them and started on a monday wearing these 2 hours before my bed time and i was looking at my nightly TV show and cleaning up Ect Ect and Gettin ready for Bed,did i sleep better NO but i was relax enough from not havin the glare from my TV and lights from my home and my Eyes felt much relax so i did fall asleep Without no waiting to just pass out AND i did stay sleep longer minus my rest room break but i did fall back a asleep without laying in the dark waiting to sleep!i gave 4 stars because the frame i had to get use too!!

Angela Crawford
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Great Glasses!

I love these glasses! I have trouble falling asleep and wore these every night to see if they would help. They definitely helped me relax and fall asleep faster. The tinted lenses really do filter out the blue light from my phone. I spend a lot of time on my phone right before bed, so these glasses made it easier for me to fall asleep. I will admit, I fell asleep with them on almost every night. They are very flexible though yet still good quality. The process for providing my eye prescription was easy and the glasses were accurate. Another great thing about these glasses is how they help with my migraines. I work at a computer all day. When I started to get a migraine one day, I tried these on and the filtering of the light from the monitor helped relieve some eye strain. I received these as part of a free sample program, but I would definitely recommend these to anyone who has trouble falling asleep or has migraines. I chose OS-2 Medium style/size and they fit just right for my round face.

Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Better Sleep

I did not think that wearing glasses before bed would actually help me sleep. But they definitely help to calm me down before bed and took the strain off of my eyes. I usually wind down for about 2-3 hours but wearing these glasses it would only take me about an hour. I could definitely tell a difference when wearing them. I would definitely recommend these if you need something to help with calming you down at night before bed. I did receive these as a free sample but would definitely buy them now after trying them out.

Michelle S.
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: No
Novel idea

I received a pair of Ocusleep glasses to test and review for free. I wish I could say they helped, but I noticed no difference in my sleep issues. This may be due to the fact that I wear progressive lenses and received single vision lenses, which limits what I can actually do for two hours before bed to watching Tv.

Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
These really work!

The OS-3 Large glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear on the face. The glasses are made from a high quality plastic that are designed to be flexible, durable, and adjustable to the face for the perfect fit. The shape of the glasses are modern and the design is flattering on the face. These are packaged in a nice box and include a glasses case as well as a lens cleaning cloth.

I have a high prescription and they were made perfectly with precision. The lenses were made accurately and are just as clear as my regular prescription glasses. These are orange tinted lenses so they really do block out blue light resulting in a better night's sleep. These help reduce glare, eye strain, and eye fatigue from electronic devices. They are a great way to relax your eyes so that your body can adjust to a regular sleep schedule. I wear these every night and think they really are effective at regulating your sleep cycle so that you fall asleep faster and sleep better. 

My order was processed and shipped quickly with detailed tracking information provided. Their customer service is extremely professional, prompt, and friendly. I definitely recommend these glasses and this company for their exceptional product and customer service. I received these complimentary for review. 

Bradford B.
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Works well but with trade-offs

I wore my ocusleep glasses for two weeks every night for a couple hours before bed after receiving them as a free sample. My prescription lenses were done correctly and I could see well. I feel like they did help me to fall asleep quickly once I laid down to sleep, as opposed to laying awake for a while as I often do. However, the tinted lenses make those hours before bed less enjoyable. Watching tv to wind down and all the colors are off. It filters too much for it to be enjoyable. I would also like more frame options, or maybe a clip on version. The style I have tends to slide down my nose too often. I don’t think I will continue to use these on a regular basis, but if my sleep schedule goes off I feel I can wear these for a bit to help get back on track.