• OS-2 is made with premium, ultra-light TR90 technology. It's flexible for those times you fall asleep with them on.
  • This frame is best for a medium to large sized face.
  • Enjoy our 14-Day Sleep Challenge Guarantee™. If you are not satisfied, simply return for a full refund.
  • Ocusleep™ lenses are made with precision pigments in ophthalmic CR-39.
  • Size is 54-17-145 and total width is 141mm.


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Enjoy our 14-day Sleep Challenge Guarantee™.
If you're not satisfied, simply return for a full refund.

Woman wearing ocusleep glasses
Man wearing ocusleep glasses

Customer Reviews

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Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Best ever!

I recieved the Ocusleep glasses as a sample as part of a free sample program and I must say these glasses help me so much with falling asleep easier and getting a full nights sleep. I would recommend this product hands down. No medicine needed. These glasses do the best work, getting you a restful sleep!!

Thomas Homa
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Improved sleeping

Occusleep has been a game changer. I always go on my phone before bed and I couldn’t get to sleep. I didn’t change anything, except using the glasses 2 hours before I slept. After a week, I was falling asleep faster. They fit snug on my face and did not have to worry about them sliding down. I make it a habit to put these on every night in order to get a better night sleep. I would recommend these to any technology user to improve sleep.

This product was a free sample from a third party website.

Melissa Malmstrom
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes

I was a little skeptical that these could actually work for me, but I was wrong they are amazing and really do help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer I highly reccomend them

Don Hartung
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: No
Tried it so see if it would work

So I tried it to see if they would work, First the positives- The glasses look and felt great so no issues there. I followed the instructions and wore then for a few weeks, I did not get any benefit that I could see but I my eyes were not as tired as before.

Olivia Upshaw
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Awesome product!!

These glasses really helped me sleep better. Before using these I would wake up frequently throughout the night. After using these I got more restful sleep and I was able to wind down easier before bed.

Calvin K.
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Excellent product that truly works

It often takes me quite a while to fall asleep most nights so when I was offered to trial Ocusleep glasses as part of a free sample program, I jumped at the opportunity. I decided on the OS-3 Large glasses as I wanted a frame that would be large enough so that I there would be no chance of any light bleeding in from the periphery. To be honest, they look comically large even on my big oval shaped head, but you're wearing these for a couple hours before going to sleep so fashion is not really an issue. If you are concerned about looks, then I would recommend going with the smaller frames.

Upon receiving my glasses, they came in a nice large box with some documentation and a soft neoprene case. The glasses are very well built and fit well on my head. The first thing you will notice is that these are not the same as blue light blockers that are available in many prescription lenses. These glasses have a yellow tint to them and block out all blue color. This was quickly noticeable when playing any kind of video game that depends on differentiating colors. The instructions state to wear them for at least 2 hours prior to when you are planning on going to bed. I found that I often couldn't make it to 2 hours because I would start to get sleepy after 30 minutes. I'm sure this is different for each individual, but I found this to be the case every night I wore the glasses.

Once I went to bed, I found that I fell asleep much faster and there was no tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling. I would highly recommend these glasses for anyone that is looking for an easy way to fall asleep faster without taking any kind of medications. The glasses I received were constructed with my eyeglass prescription and should my Rx change, I will be sure to order another pair. I would consider purchasing the non-Rx glasses if you wear contacts and don't normally take them out until you go to bed.

Wayne Dybach
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
I didn't notice much difference but will continue to try them out and recommend people to try them

I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review.

I have regular bouts of severe insomnia - mainly difficulty falling asleep, but once I'm asleep I can wake and fall back to sleep easily (most of the time, sometimes it's the reverse). I can be awake for 48 hours and have trouble falling asleep and sometimes I can only sleep up to three hours a day for months at a time. I was very happy to give these a try since it's a natural approach and I try to only use prescription sleep aids when absolutely necessary. I do try to stick to a regular sleep routine.

I have tried natural sleep supplements with some luck (melatonin and tryptophan) but they don't work when my insomnia is at it's worst, neither do prescription sleep aids or things like Benadryl (of which I take two nightly all year long for allergies).

The glasses are comfortable and it's great that you can get prescription lenses. They are also lightweight and comfortable. The colored lenses take some getting used to but it didn't take long, just a couple of nights and I didn't notice them five minutes after putting them on. What I did notice immediately (and so did my wife when she tried them on) was that my eyes felt more relaxed. The glasses helped my tired eyes at the end of the day. I'm always on the computer from the time I get up until bed (with small breaks throughout the day) and lately my eyes are starting to feeling tired and strained.

One thing I would like to see this company offer is "cheater" lenses. 1+, 1.5+, 2.0+ power etc. I don't have a prescription for glasses yet but need cheaters whenever I'm on the computer and for day to day stuff, so I had to wear a non-prescription lens version of these over my cheaters which may be why they didn't work as well as they should to help me sleep.

So these didn't help me in the sleep department but I would try them again in the future with either cheater lenses (if they started to make them) or when I get a prescription. The ideas behind them make sense, especially for me these days with computer monitors etc. I'd enjoy a pair with a prescription that fits me just for the help they provided me with eye strain.

I would also recommend them to anyone with sleep issues because blue light filters are proven to be helpful and it's a natural approach. And if you are at your wits end with sleep problems you'll pretty much try anything - and what can it hurt? Yes, they're a little costly but if they help they'll be well worth it and if they don't, pass them on to someone else who may benefit.

I was surprised how lightweight they are: I have dollar store cheaters that feel more heavy duty than these but they are flexible which is good for when you fall asleep with them on. The pouch that comes with them is nice.

Ivan Flores
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Perfect eye relief and super comfortable glasses

This review is after 2+ weeks of regular use of the large ocusleep glasses:

Me and my wife use computer screens and smart phones a large amount of time during work and watch TV regularly during evenings, causing our eyes to water and burn by the end of the day, making falling asleep a complicated ritual. We both use prescription glasses and contacts daily and I can safely say that after regularly using the ocusleeps 2 ours before going to bed drastically improved our situation!!! Consistency is key with this product, once you get used to the yellow tint and remember to put on the glasses daily everything improves. The lenses are crystal clear, the prescription is flawless and the frames are super comfortable to use and they survive the occasional "I forgot to take them off before sleep". Overall bee are super pleased with our experience and we would definitely recommend this product.

Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Yellow specs = sleepy land!

Update! I recieved this a free brand sample. Once again, I highly recommend these specs. Give them a try! Coupled with good habits and wearing them for two hours before bed time, it really helps the circadian rythym adjust. Working swing shifts tend to be bothersome. Plus they are prescription! Only thing is make sure to get the right size.

Johnathan Browniee
Did Ocusleep™ help you?: Yes
Yellow specs = sleepy land!

It's surprising how much the circadian rhythm is affected by light. Wore these for two hours and with good habits, it seems I had a better quality of sleep. I work swing shifts, and these help. Plus they are prescription quality! Flexible material means less broken parts. I fell asleep on them and they were fine. Includes a micro fiber cloth and a decent soft case. My only grip is I ordered the frames to big. I look like John Lennon. Not that is a bad thing; just too big. Recommend the medium size for most.